Alan Franco

Berkshire Salsa – Founder

Having been born in Mexico city, dancing has been Alan’s passion since he was 15 years old. His passion for dancing was inspired by many members of his family who were amazing dancers, but especially by his aunt who was a professional mambo, salsa and charleston dancer in Mexico City.

Having moved to the Berkshires 5 years ago, Alan has a BS in IT from the University of Guadalajara and is currently a digital marketing consultant. For ten years, Alan was a dancer, choreographer and entertainment director at beach resorts in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, where he was able to express his creativity and talent in acting, singing, and dancing.

Alan’s goal is to help people take their Latin dancing -Salsa, Merengue and Bachata- to the next level and show them how they too are able to dance at Latin social dances in a natural and fun way.

Berkshire Salsa also holds Latin Nights where dancers of all backgrounds and levels get together to share their passion for dancing. For more information on future Latin Nights, please visit our Berkshire Salsa Facebook page HERE >>.

Proudly being a Latino, Alan knows just how much fun it is to dance to Latin music and would love to share his passion for dancing and his cultural roots with other dancing enthusiasts. With Alan, you will learn the real deal as you learn to express yourself on the dance floor through Salsa, Merengue and Bachata moves.

If you are interested in private lessons, please contact Alan at (413) 347-2801 or email him at