Whether you are just looking to have fun, dance with your other half, spice up your relationship, meet new people, feel comfortable on the dance floor or master your fundamentals to be able to become a more advanced dancer, our Salsa lesson are the perfect program for you! You will learn footwork, musicality, posture, spins, styling, and partnerwork.

Salsa Dancing has been, for years, the most popular Latin social dance in the world. Although it’s mainly a couple dance, it is also very enjoyable when danced individually. Its music is a result of decades of the fusion of many musical elements from countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Latin American countries.

In essence, Salsa dancing moves and steps are a mix of European and African dance culture. They reflect the African influence in the Caribbean and that of European dances brought to Cuba.

In other words, Salsa dancing is sexy, fun and energizing!