I am Beckie Gamari and I am teaching MixxedFit for the first time here at Berkshire Salsa Dance’s GORGEOUS new studio!
I have always loved dance, whether it was structured classes, performances, or dance fitness classes. I was often discouraged from wanting to be a professional dancer because I never fit the mold. It wasn’t until I found MixxedFit that I realized it does not matter what shape, size, or weight I am, I can do anything I want! I am not your every day dance fitness instructor, and that is what makes MixxedFit different. We are people inspired, and that means ALL people. The focus is on explosive dance moves and boot camp toning, and the sense of community I have found with MixxedFit is amazing!
My plan is to have fun, dance hard, and offer encouragement in a self loving and body positive way! This is my first venture into instructing dance fitness classes, so I’m sure that we are going to be learning a lot together. I look forward to spending time sweating together, while we laugh and build our own community of “mixxedfits!”