Alan is a great dance instructor, lots of fun

Allie Demastrie

It’s an amazing place to dance. Congrats Alan!

Jay Marques Dos Santtos

Learn to dance and make new friends! Great lessons, great teachers, lots of fun!

Emily Olds

Alan Franco is single-handedly bringing salsa and bachata to the people of the Berkshires with his weekly dances on weekends and weeknight lessons. Berkshire Salsa is a good way to gain competence on the dance floor, socialize and stay fit. Bailamos!

Raymond Jacoub

Great music selection and easy to follow lessons for all ages!!

Nicole Campos Vasquez

I love dancing. It’s my passion. Thank you, Alan Franco!

Karen Hine

Berkshire Salsa is a great place to not only learn to dance Salsa but also Bachata and Kizomba. Alan is a great dance instructor who makes every lesson fun and interesting. But thats not all i have experienced at Berkshire Salsa. They are a great community, a lovely family and lots of fun to spend time with during the social dancings on saturday nights or just having a refreshing drink after the lessons. No experience or partner needed and definately woth a try for anyone who like to move and/or to dance…

Birke Ulrich

Life is more exciting with Berkshire salsa.. Brain food for everyone, every age!

Prashad Abeysinghe

I thought I would get a little personal today. I have ADD, and sensory overload which affect my everyday life.

When I was introduced to Alan’s Berkshire Salsa socials I had no experience in any form of dance. My confidence level was not high. Over the past eight or so months I have continued to feel better and better about my dancing capabilities. I know I am not great by any means, but I feel great and that is what matters. I have watched others progress just like me over the months and to see a family of Latin dancers form here in the Berkshires is so exciting.

I hope anyone who has heard of his lessons and socials who is hesitant to try it out or join our awesome family will reconsider because not only do you get to become a part of a special group of people, who encourage and do not judge you, you also get to learn from Alan Franco who is unmatched by his patience, kindness and dedication to his students.

I encourage my fellow Latin dancers to share your story of how you became a part of Berkshire Salsa’s family!

Brittney Collins

Alan works wonders with his students. Most highly recommended!

Dan Bouvier